Monday, June 22, 2015

Camping at Sagehen

Caleb borrowed a friends motorcycle and had the most difficult time starting it one we had already ridden most of the trail. He kick started that thing over 100 times seriously-it destroyed his hiking boots and was hurting his foot so much that I demanded that I tow him back to camp behind the 4 wheeler so he could ice his foot. That is what he is doing in the above picture. 
We went camping for the first time this year in our camper. It felt like home. Caleb said it smelled so nostalgic too. ( I wish I could smell...;( )
We went up to sagehen reservoir with only our family. We invites probably 9 different families and no one could make it so we enjoyed the time with or family. Saturday however, we did have friend around us for the day. We went on a few beautiful 4 wheeler trails, went swimming in the lake and enjoyed delicious meals. We had chicken and rice and walking tacos and molten lava Dutch oven cake. Yum!!!

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