Monday, June 22, 2015

Camping at Sagehen

Caleb borrowed a friends motorcycle and had the most difficult time starting it one we had already ridden most of the trail. He kick started that thing over 100 times seriously-it destroyed his hiking boots and was hurting his foot so much that I demanded that I tow him back to camp behind the 4 wheeler so he could ice his foot. That is what he is doing in the above picture. 
We went camping for the first time this year in our camper. It felt like home. Caleb said it smelled so nostalgic too. ( I wish I could smell...;( )
We went up to sagehen reservoir with only our family. We invites probably 9 different families and no one could make it so we enjoyed the time with or family. Saturday however, we did have friend around us for the day. We went on a few beautiful 4 wheeler trails, went swimming in the lake and enjoyed delicious meals. We had chicken and rice and walking tacos and molten lava Dutch oven cake. Yum!!!

Ballet recital

Klara and Anna have both been in ballet since the new year. Tuesday nights have been occupied with dance class and this last month I have dreaded Tuesday nights. Our evenings are precious and I don't like our schedule of dinner and chores and family time being interrupted. But this past weekend with the recital made all of my crazy Tuesday nights totally worth it! The girls were so beautiful and danced wonderfully. I was so proud of both of them for dancing up on stage. It was a proud mommy/daddy moment. 

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Quick family update...2015 so far

Klara and Anna at grandma and grandpas house while Caleb and I went to Las Vegas for our nieces wedding in April. 
Cowgirl Klara with sunshine and penny. 
Anna and Caleb with live fish in the kitchen! 
Klara in 3rd position for ballet Anna and Klara are in ballet class! 
We upgraded the girls bikes. Klara got a new adorable bike from a second hand store and Anna adopted klara's old bike. Caleb bought matching streamers for their bikes! They love bike riding and are quite athletic on them. Klara skidded the tread clear off the hind tire on her old bike so we need to get a new tire for Anna. 
Family 4 wheeler trip in February in the boise foothills. 
Cute things the girls have said: 

"Mom- I think the devils favorite reataurant is Carls jr."-Klara "Yeah, because them have immodest people"- Anna.

"I'm so glad you don't have no more school"- Anna 

"Yay! I get to go eat lunch with my cool mom!"-Anna 

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Disneyland 2014!

In April, Caleb and I took Klara and Anna to Disneyland.  We had a blast and had so much fun watching the faces or our little girls light up when they met all the princesses!  I would do it again in a heartbeat!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Christmas dinner

Caleb and I hosted Christmas dinner for his side of the family in our garage. We served Caleb's famous "roast beast" with salad cheesy potatoes and corn. We enjoyed our garage as an extension of our kitchen! We tried to disguise the garage atmosphere as much as possible without breaking the bank. 

Monday, November 25, 2013

Fishing in the Owyhee River

The beautiful Owyhee River!
Caleb organized an after birthday party with the Apples. We went Saturday afternoon and had a great time. It was really cold outside, especially for those wading in the river, but it was worth it because they were all successful. I fished with Klara and Anna and a little by myself but didn't catch anything. But Caleb, Garren and Michelle caught some beauties. 
Then for a special treat we sat in some really great natural hot springs on the river. Anna thought it was so cool, occasionally she would flinch and say "ow- hot! Ow-hot!"  It would get boiling and then the cool river would make it all equal out. It felt so good!  Klara loved collecting rocks from the bottom of the pool and splashing around with Mikylee. 
So much fun!

28 sounds so old.

For My birthday this year I asked for my own snow pants, boots and gloves. Caleb spoiled me and got me all 3 plus a new warm hat. I also bought a mirror from Craigslist and went out to Texas road house with Caleb, the girls and Calebs mom. Them we came home to a party at our house where we ate pie and visited into the evening. It was a great day I am so grateful for all of my family and the love they show to me. I have a happy life.